Readjusting success

My aunt just started a website where we discuss dealing with various psychological disorders and encouraged others to submit our own stories. I’ve written several posts about dealing with it, because I think it’s very important to be open about this. So many people deal with mental illness every day, but it’s stigmatized. People who […]

Living with anxiety

I’ve written several blog posts about dealing with depression, bipolar disorder and chronic exhaustion, but never about my anxiety. And now that my bipolar disorder is as managed as it’s going to be, anxiety is coming to the forefront of my “WHY DID MY ANCESTORS INBREED?!” psychological disorder thoughts. (ASIDE: My sister likes to say […]

Former Mormons: Let it go

I was mad. I was bitter and resentful.

But then I realized something: I needed to let it go.

The only thing spending a lot of time being mad about Mormonism does is make you miserable.

My Tell-Tale Heart Test

My morals are pretty simple. I can sum it up to “Don’t be an asshole.”

Getting a little more specific, there is also the Golden Rule and the Tell-Tale Heart Test. The first is pretty obvious – if I don’t want *thing* to happen to me, I’m not going to do *thing* to anyone else.

The second requires a story about how my moral transgressions add up to about $1 earned at the age of 12…

Around the World in 200 Cafes

My first goal in life was accomplished at the age of 18.

But being the wise person I am, I decided that I can’t live the rest of my life with no purpose. I decided that my next goal should be something less…lofty (literally) but slightly harder to achieve; I couldn’t keep achieving these supposedly lifelong goals so easily.

You are worth it

You are worth it. You deserve to be here. There is someone out there who wants you in his life… whose life would be worse off without you here. If not for you, stay here for that person. You are not alone. It’s okay to be not okay. We’re all not okay sometimes, and some […]

A jury of my peers? Fat chance

If I am the defendant in a criminal case, I am entitled to a “jury of my peers.” Which, I guess, means other American citizens in roughly the same geographic location. But as I was reading about jury selection in the Zimmerman case, I realized that the people selected for a jury are far from […]

On grad school, writing and macro-level ADD

This is one of those lame “an update on my life” posts. I haven’t posted in awhile and I’m hoping recent changes in my life mean more posts. I can only hope. Here’s a quick update: I’ve quit my full-time job at FOX 13. I’m now working part-time at FOX until they find another web […]

On Kurt Cobain, depression and suicide

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away…” – Neil Young Twitter tells me Kurt Cobain would have been 46 today. As I see people tweeting RIP and talking about his legacy, I can’t help but feel annoyed and sad. That annoyance and sadness is directed both at Cobain and at the fans. Cobain […]

OMG what is this? I don’t even…

Yes! It’s a BLOG POST! From me! So it turns out I had low thyroid protein or something and that’s what was making me tired ALL THE TIME. So I started taking more pills and I have more energy. Which is good. Unfortunately, the desire to see the blinking cursor while sitting at home after […]